A World from Above

In our world, it is so simple to lose inspiration. We are so consumed with technology, social media, branding, advertisements and so much more, that it can be easy to forget how to be ardent in our passions, and forget to visit what inspires us in the first place.

Recently, I have been seeing so much hate, crime, disasters and foul words and energy, which makes it hard to see the beauty that is all around. That is one of the main reasons why my favorite thing in this world is to take trips out to the middle of nature and disconnect with media. This way I can reconnect with my relationship, the Earth and myself without any negative distractions or energy.

The sights we see daily can leave us feeling as if it is all something that has already been done.

But, sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to get re-inspired in your passions, to see things from a new perspective (at times quite literally).

A couple weeks ago, I took my first flight with my boyfriend in one of his planes. He flew us out to Havasu in a small Cessna.

The flight took about two hours in each direction, and – for the first time in a while – I felt newly inspired in my passions for photography, in a way that does not present itself often enough.

The Earth and the beauty of nature and this universe have always been such a great inspiration to me in my art and career. This trip proved no different.

Looking out of the windows of his plane, for the first time, I was actually seeing the Earth in a way I never really had the chance to before. (Sure, I had taken commercial flights before, but nothing compares to the views you get from the windows in that 172.)

The views were incredible; something I will never forget and will strive to see as often as I can.

Sometimes a new perspective is what we need to get us re-inspired in our passions.

Go out into nature and explore.

So cheers to the next adventure: travel bold and fly high.

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