The Allure of Dawn

If you ever really thought about it, we probably see around five times more sunsets than sunrises in our lifetime.

In this world, sunsets have become a common gathering place for couples, friends and families. Because of this, they have become too familiar.

Sunsets are beautiful; so we plan our days around them to make sure we are there to see the sun slowly fall into the Earth.

Sunrises, though, are different.

They command a plan.

They require effort.

They ask you to slow down.

You have to be willing to see it, willing to wake up when it is still dark outside from the night before.

Sometimes even to be willing to stay up the entire night to witness their beauty.

And they are a mystery.

You never know what each sunrise will hold.

Cotton candy skies.

A slow gradient change.

Cloudy mornings.

Clear skies.

A couple minutes of fresh rain with the most vibrant spectrum you’ve ever seen.

I always cherish sunrises, the experiences they create, and the people willing to see them with me.

Whether it be stopping at my favorite beach after taking my mom to the airport to watch the sun peak over the sea cliffs or waking up at 4 a.m. to drive to the ocean and take a sunrise swim, maybe even being so desperate to get that perfect shot that we stay up all night and drive hours out the middle of nowhere only sleeping a couple minutes to make sure we don’t miss it.

I had a project last year that required me to go to my sacred space and spend 12 hours there to take a picture every hour and just watch the colors slowly change.

After a night of no sleep, my boyfriend and I drove to my favorite tiny, hidden beach at 3 a.m. We camped out there in the middle of winter with just a couple of blankets, a tripod, and a DSLR.

To this day, that 12 hours held some of the most stunning views I have ever seen and will never forget.

I have experienced so many sunrises in just the past couple of years, but it is always a goal of mine to see more.

To make more memories of waking up at 4 a.m., getting no sleep, being rained on, jumping in the ocean in 40 degree weather, camping out for hours, setting up tents with only the light from a headlamp, and hiking miles in the dark.

So, my ambition this year is to see more.

Maybe one day it will be yours too.

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