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nic wheat

Creative MIND, OWNER & CEO

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Artist and fashion designer, Nic started her brand Crave Stvdios in January 2020. As an autistic Latina lesbian woman, Nic is set to revolutionize the industry with her unique one of kind designs and art.


Seeing a lack of the clothing she wished to have, Crave formed as an amalgamation of dark themes and delicate textures. Inspired heavily by the Middle Ages, tattoo art, and subversive basics, Nic creates designs that form what she has personally coined as "medieval torture femme-core"  and pieces that can be best described as starting the post-apolocalypic Victorian bog era. 

Nic's designs have been seen on performance artists such as Echos, Caroline Carr, Mandi Crimmins, and MOTHICA. She has designed couture pieces for music videos and cover arts and exclusive merch designed with clients such as Jägermeister, Echos, CRAY, Mandi Crimmins and more. 

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