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Today, it's more important than ever to be "sustainable," but what does sustainability even mean? To us, eco-consciousness is at the forefront of how our business is run, which is why we choose products and suppliers with the future of our planet in mind. From our threads down to our packaging, we have chosen to purchase from the companies doing the most they can to help us #savetheworld. 

Read more on our suppliers and sustainability practices below.


If we want to thrive, we need to do our part in making as small of a biological imprint on the Earth as we can.
The Zero line helps Crave get as close as possible to a 'zero waste' company. Using scraps from cropped jackets and tee's we create unique items that are sold in very limited quantities. 

1 / 1

Fast fashion is a big player in the overall health of our environment and we want to do anything we can to combat the effect of the industry. Taking this into account, all of our 1/1 custom jackets are made from high-quality thrifted denim and fabric and repurposed into one of a kind wearable art that you can feel responsible wearing.


With 50% of cotton products thrown out after the first month and 90% made out of low quality material, we wanted to not only change the statistics but change your experience.
We want to be able to be held accountable for not only our quality, but our practices. This lead us to find the most ethically sourced shirts and sweats with the high quality threads that we could use.
Ordinary Supply and Loomstate help us do just that.
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